QR Code Technology

QR Code

QR Codes are a fun, effective way to drive interaction with your company, products and/or services. They connect the tangible world to the intangible one. Deliver great content at the scan of a code!

There are many things you can get a QR code to do for you. QR Codes can:

  • Open a web page, video, survey or coupon
  • Send an SMS (text)
  • Make a phone call
  • Capture text
  • Send an email
  • Add a contact or calendar event
  • Locate a spot on a map
  • ... and more!

With our QR Code dashboard, you can organize, manage, edit and view analytics of your codes. Three different codes are available:

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  1. Tag2site: Directs scanner to a url
  2. Tag2pdf: Automatically sends a document to the scanner's email address
  3. Tag2win: People scan this code to see if they've won. You determine how many scans results in a winner and what they win.

Because there are many different cell phone types and even more types of QR code reader apps, some apps are not able to get phones to perform all functions consistently. Because of this, almost all QR codes direct phones to a website.

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Want to read more about QR Codes? Check out this article by eMarketer.com which shows just how familiar people are with this technology and a demographic breakdown of who uses them and why: Suprising Familiarity with QR Codes.