Achievement Cards

Achievement Cards are an innovative win-win incentive tool that will have outstanding results in motivating your employees' safe work behaviors. Achievement cards have a high-perceived value due to the potential to win big on every card (and it is proven to your program participants that there is a jackpot on every card).

Achievement Cards from LinJen

Five Easy Steps:

  1. You select Achievement Cards as your rewards media;
  2. You determine your recognition investment per performance activity using one of the dollar-valued cards at either $5, $10, $15, or $25;
  3. You distribute the Achievement Cards to recognize safe work behavior;
  4. Your employees scratch off any 5 of the 20 spaces to uncover credits earned;
  5. Your workers redeem their cards for merchandise rewards from catalog and from additional items available on the Internet. Click here for catalog

There are two types of cards for your program:

  1. A Standard Card that has a minimum payout with a jackpot potential
  2. A Sure-Winner Card that has a guaranteed jackpot payout

Every card is a Winner and there is a Jackpot on Every card!

Your program participants scratch off any 5 of the 20 spaces on a card; the number of WINs they uncover determines the award credits they earn. Each card has five WINs and each card is a winner. The credits earned on the cards can be redeemed immediately or accumulated for greater choice of rewards.

When you use Achievement Cards as the rewards media in your program, you can offer more luxurious, more motivating awards to your program participants due to the "win big" opportunity on every card. If you run multiple programs throughout the year, the cards can be a major time-saver for you and will strengthen each of your programs. Your participants can combine all the credits they earn on all their cards for even greater rewards.

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