LinJen recommends The Alchemist

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LinJen Alchemy

Perhaps we all need a little magic to make things better ...

With so much time pressure, it's difficult find more time to discover new ways to: increase business, become more profitable, be happier, focused, find and fulfill passion -- to change behavior.

As I sat with my Vistage business coach, Clay Garner, we reflected on what LinJen does for its customers: we change behaviors. We help our clients create the expertise to accomplish increased sales, engaged workers, loyal customers.

Clay told me about a book, a fable actually, that relates the story of a person who is promised more. There's a way to change base metal into gold. There's an opportunity for the young Shepard, Santiago, to achieve his "personal legend". He goes on a journey of self-discovery. He changes and accomplishes his dreams by doing, by acting, with intention. The book is The Alchemist.

I hope you will take the time to read this short novella. You might find it relates to your business. You might find it relates to your life. I'd also like you to know it could relate to our journey together -- a journey that starts with your passion to become better.

Should you want a little magic -- some help with changing behaviors -- please give me a call. I'm happy to bring along a copy of The Alchemist. To learn more about our programs, please start at our homepage and take a few moments to browse our website.

Linda Heyse-Highland
President & Founder of LinJen Promotions, Inc.