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"Linda and her team do far more then provide products. They worked closely with us to define the goals of the promotion, think through the target audience and only then begin to recommend products in our price range. The end result was an excellent campaign that gained more traction then we have had before."
L. Kleiman, HRAdvantage
It's been said ...
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
Albert Einstein
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Imprinting now available on bag/tote HANDLES and SIDE GUSSETS.
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Go for a custom bike ... unique, healthy message & eco-friendly.
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Save the date! Our 3rd Annual Car Show & Festival to benefit Chicagoland Area Veterans will be August 20, 2011 from 10am - 4pm at Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital in Hines, IL.
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The Five P's To Success
Professional, in any endeavor, is spelled with five P's: Purpose, Preparation, People, Priorities and Persistence. So, how can you become a successful professional in your job and your life? It starts with small improvements. You simply need to focus on the five fundamental P's.

Purpose: Seeking and recognizing opportunities to serve others is your starting point. Start by figuring out who you work for. Is it your company? No. Is it your manager? No. Is it your boss? No. It's your spouse, your family, your customer, or your co-workers. Human beings are social animals and have a fundamental need to contribute to something greater than themselves. Your job, whatever it is, is about providing a product or service to other people for their benefit. Your joy and success will come when you know that you have helped someone else out. Sit down and write out your goals. Are they about you or are they the results of serving others?

Preparation: Be the best you can be! Read everything you can. Learn from others. Learn something new every day. Listen, you might learn something. Keep an open mind. The time to prepare is before your opportunity comes. Once that opportunity has presented itself, it's too late to prepare.

People: Surround yourself with good people. Your performance and your reputation are, most often, determined by the people with whom you have aligned your life. Your bosses, co-workers, subordinates, mentors, coaches, teammates, and friends all have a huge impact on your ultimate success. Choose those people wisely and be fiercely loyal to them. They will be the foundation to your ultimate success. Show them you care about them by asking them about them! Then shut up and listen to the answers. Care about them and they will care about you.

Priorities: Focus on the fundamentals and the results will take care of themselves. Start each day with a simple written list of what you plan to accomplish — today. Make time to do the things that contribute to your purpose and your goals. Remember that if you don't have time to do it right, what makes you think that you have time to do it over? Learn to adapt to your changing environment. Maintain a controlled sense of urgency. Being prompt, being reliable, and contributing to your team will go a long way to ensure your success.

Persistence: Maintain a positive mental attitude. Your attitude is a choice you make each and every day. Choose to be positive. Don't get bogged down in negative thinking. The past is just that — passed. The future is always a question mark. What, specifically, can you do TODAY to continue toward your purpose?

How many people do you know that wake up in the morning and ask themselves, "How can I fail today?" Probably none. People fail because they haven't focused on their Purpose. Or they haven't Prepared themselves to take advantage of the opportunities. Or they have made poor choices in the People with whom they associate. They may have lost sight of their Priorities. Or, they've given up and failed to be Persistent.

So, "professional", in any endeavor, is spelled with 5 P's: Purpose, Preparation, People, Priorities, and Persistence. Focus on those 5 P's and you will find the success you seek.

Source: Promotional Consultant Today and James S. Bain, MBA, an author, speaker, consultant and coach. He is the founder of the Falcon Performance Institute, a consulting and corporate training firm focused on productive performance. He has been a featured speaker at numerous regional and national conventions. Look for Bain's book, Never Pass on a Chance to P - A Roadmap to Success.

Incentive Ideas ... with Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley Products
We now carry Vera Bradley ... the perfect gift for Sales Incentives, Employee Recognition, Meetings & more! Vera Bradley appeals to all markets. Recently an agriculture company used a Vera Bradley item as a gift to farmers' wives that attended a conference with their husbands. The reception was so high that they are looking at offering Vera Bradley items for their next conference.

To learn more about the Vera Bradley products we carry and for pricing, give us a call at 708.478.8222.

Give us a call or send an email for ideas to spread success through your company ... and promote your business, too!
Linda, Jennifer and the LinJen Team