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"Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it."
Author Unknown

"Luck runs out but safety is good for life."
Author Unknown
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Recognize Good Safety Practices
Awards and recognition expert Jim OíNeill, Vice President at Pacesetter Awards, shares a few tips to keep workers safety-focused:
  • Recognize safety regularly with monthly or quarterly meetings to update progress and review goals to keep workers motivated.
  • Consider a variety of measures to track achievement. For example, trucking companies might recognize a targeted number of "Miles Without Accident" whereas a factory manager would recognize "Days Without Injury."
  • Get creative in the accomplishments you recognize. There could be incentives toward number of safety seminars attended or training hours logged, rather than only offering awards for injuries avoided.
  • Allow for awards that "build" on progress, such as customizable plaques that can easily have additional levels or insignias attached to show continued improvement.
  • Provide personal awards such as lapel pins or patches that workers can wear with pride.
  • Create a team atmosphere with group rewards displayed in break rooms or company front offices.
  • Choose recognition products that fit the work environment. Plaques work better than desktop trophies in a manufacturing environment, for example, because most workers donít have a private office/desk on which to place items.

Types of Safety Programs
There are many types of safety programs depending on your needs. For example, a safety program could take the form of:
  • Days Without Accident
  • First-Aid Education
  • Public Awareness
  • Stranger Danger
  • Driver Safety
  • Ergonomic Awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Fire Prevention
  • Violence-free Workplace
  • Crime Prevention

10 Safety Slogans
  1. "Never Take A Break From Safety" imprinted on a lunchbox
  2. "Get A Grip On Home Safety" imprinted on rubber jar openers
  3. "It Canít Hurt To Be Too Safe" imprinted on a first-aid kit
  4. "Heads Up For Safety" imprinted on a cap
  5. "Safety Shines imprinted on flashlights and LED keychains
  6. "Step First Into Safety" imprinted on an indoor/outdoor mat
  7. "Take Time For Safety" imprinted on watches or clocks
  8. "Quench Your Thirst, Think Safety First" imprinted on a sports bottle or travel tumbler
  9. "Eyes On Safety" imprinted on goggles or sunglasses
  10. "Take Safety On The Road" imprinted on a travel emergency kit

SOURCE: Advantages Magazine, June 2011

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