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Henry David Thoreau
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Over-Worked And Under-Challenged?

Ever feel like you're on autopilot, but are stressed nonetheless? These days we're all speeding along the information highway. Juggling requests, responding to email, tweeting our every move ... all the while, adding to and subtracting from our to-do lists as we strive to cross everything off in a constant frenzy of "What's next?" The result is often a lot of activity (and seeming productivity) but with little satisfying reward. We get hypnotized by the small stuff and fail to slow down and reflect on the big picture.

The root of the problem is counter-intuitive: It's not that we are overburdened, but that we are under-challenged. You're "getting things done" but you don't feel like you're accomplishing anything worthwhile. You may even feel stagnant or disengaged. This month we share some goal-setting tips to re-ignite your passion for the big challenge..

Sit down -- with yourself and/or each member of your team -- at least every 3-6 months to set new goals.
Rather than looking backward, as performance reviews do, goal-setting meetings are all about looking forward and aiming high. Meetings should occur no less than twice a year to make sure that there is no "downtime" between goals being achieved and new goals being set.

Set goals that push you a little bit outside your comfort zone and encourage the mastery of new skills.
The best goals are those that encourage us to take new risks and build skills without being so daunting that we're paralyzed by anxiety. Strive to set goals that throw down the gauntlet and really require you to stretch.

Build in a system for measuring performance.
Ideally, you want to bake some measure of performance into each goal ... whether it's a stat related to Web traffic generated, new sponsor dollars earned, conversion rate reached, etc. Establishing metrics makes it easy to say, "I nailed that!" and celebrate when celebration is due.

Schedule the next goal-setting meeting.
Once your goals are laid out, go ahead and set the next meeting and treat it like a milestone for completion. Regular check-ins create a mechanism for accountability that's incredibly powerful. So fix a date and stick to it.

So, what's your goal this week? Whatever it is, enjoy!

Source: Promotional Consultant Today and J.K. Glei, director and editor-in-chief of the 99%, Behance's think tank, which focuses on what happens after inspiration, researching the forces that push ideas forward. Her blog, which ran on, is based on research by the Behance team. Behance runs the Behance Creative Network, the 99% productivity think tank, the Action Method project management application, and the Creative Jobs List.

Plan ahead for the Holidays
Food Gifts
Holiday gift giving is an investment in your company ... and, in this economy, another important way for you to capture your customer's loyalty. A thoughtful gift can strengthen relationships with current customers and draw new customers in.

Successful gift-giving includes planning ahead, putting a personal touch on whatever you give and order in bulk, to keep costs down. Food gifts, electronics and apparel are popular holiday gift items this season. Check out our Holiday Gift Links on for a large selection of ideas.

Give us a call at 708.478.8222 or send us an email and we'll be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect holiday gift for your company.

Linda, Jennifer and the LinJen Team