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When Supervisors & Employees think ...
"It's not my job!" (PART 2)

In our last newsletter, we covered some of the challenges facing safety professionals and discussed how to increase Communication and Leadership Commitment in your company. To review, the Key Elements of a Safety Program include:
  • Communication
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Continuous Improvement
In this newsletter, we discuss Employee Empowerment and Continuous Improvement.

Employee Empowerment & Continuous Improvement
Safety programs need to involve every worker in positive safety habits and proactive thinking. We can encourage this with a reward program.

Online programs are now making rewards and recognition easy. You can determine what safe work behaviors are important: hazard recognition and correction; near miss reporting; safety leadership roles; etc. Each of these initiatives can be assigned points that can be accumulated for awards that are selected from an online catalog. Each person's safe work behaviors can be viewed with cumulated reporting available for SHE professional's review.

Awards are sent right to the recipient's home (no need to inventory). And with total recording capabilities, it provides easy best practice sharing, highlights safety champions, provides for budget management and accesses safety reporting uniquely by location and/or department.

Rewards can be structured in many different ways: accumulating safety tokens, on-the spot recognition, etc. Whatever venue, keep it simple to use and manage. Also, when rewarding as teams only, remember that some form of individual recognition will encourage rather than discourage participation.

Empowerment Activities
No one knows more about how to do their job safely than the person who does it every day. Ask them. Form committees and empower them (you may need to include at least one supervisor/manager to participate) to figure out ways to make a safer work environment. (If there's no money - that's part of the empowerment - what can we do to make it work)? Focus on being proactive and recognize employee involvement.
  • What about safety at home?
  • Why not involve the family by creating a safety calendar? Employee's children and grandchildren can submit drawings showing safe behaviors (stop/drop/roll or stranger danger, etc.). Selected drawings can be made into a company safety calendar (functional with shifts, vacation dates, etc.).
Wherever you are in your level of safety commitment, it's the continuing communication that will make the difference. Listen. Get feedback. Keep everyone involved and make everyone a part of safety.

Can we help you re-start your Safety Program? Give us a call at 708-478-8222 or send us an email and we'll get started today!
Looking forward to helping you stay safe,
Linda Heyse-Highland
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