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"Your design team did an outstanding job creating our Pyramid Awards! I will be proud to present these to our more than deserving employees!"
L. Gaddis, Marquette Bank
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"We want passion for our business.. workers who can interpret and execute our mission, who want to build a career, not just take a temporary job."
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Building a Stronger Corporate Culture through Employee Engagement

Goal-Setter Award
After a recent employee survey revealed low overall scores in employee engagement, a technology company decided it needed to create a recognition program. Their goal was to increase employee engagement levels.

The leadership team decided to clearly communicate the company’s vision and its corporate values to create a foundation for an engaged culture. Their goal was to have all employees clearly understand and believe in the corporate vision, as well as align with the corporate values.

A plan was devised to deliver a series of presentations over six months featuring one core value each month. Every employee who attended the presentations would receive a commemorative award for participating.

To kick off the engagement program, the leadership team presented the program at a company luncheon. At the luncheon, all employees received a Glendale Goal-Setter Award. The leadership team chose this award because they needed a product that would help communicate their corporate values and also create an extended “memory” for the employees. The Glendale Goal-Setter was a perfect fit.

Each employee who attended a value presentation received a colored crystal block that was etched with a value corresponding to the presentation just given. Employees collected the blocks and added them to the optical crystal award base.

The company conducted another employee survey at the end of the year. The results of the survey concluded that engagement levels increased by 20%. Most employees understood the vision of the company, how their role fit into that vision, and the core values that serve as a foundation of the company. Each employee also has an award reinforcing the corporate values.

Feedback from the company:
The idea to present the Glendale Goal-Setter Award for our employee engagement program contributed to turning around our corporate culture and improving our employee engagement level. The three most important contributions were:
  1. The Glendale Goal-Setter was so different and unique; it got the attention of all employees.
  2. The beautiful elegance of crystal put a very high-perceived value on the award and communicated the importance of this program.
  3. The Goal-Setter will not be dropped in a drawer or thrown in a wastebasket because of its high-perceived value. We are confident it will remain on desks and mantels to remind each employee of our culture building program and the meaning behind it.
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