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Linda Heyse-Highland and Jennifer Savor, Founders of LinJen Promotions
"Knowledgeable, great ideas, excellent turnaround time and they go that extra mile. Would not think of using anyone else."
- J. Mundt, Corn Products International
It's been said ...
"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."
- Voltaire

"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread."
- Mother Teresa
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Successful Companies use Recognition to Stay Competitive
As a decision maker in your organization, you know that recognition is a strategic management tool you can use to achieve your business objectives. You may also know that a successful recognition program requires careful planning, coordination and on-going maintenance.

Let us help
LinJen offers expertise in the Incentives and Recognition arena. Partner, Linda Heyse-Highland, has over twenty years of program experience. Safety, Sales, Productivity, Innovation and Customer Service are a few of the categories in which we have developed programs. Linda’s expertise has been recognized as a speaker for both the Motivation Show in Chicago and for PPAC.

What do you need from your Recognition supplier? You have challenges and goals. Maybe you want to reinforce good behavior or instill it. Maybe you need to increase sales, acquire new accounts or revive inactive ones. Whatever your challenge, LinJen can help you find unique solutions. How? By engaging your employees and customers, communicating to them and motivating their efforts we can accomplish those goals.

Contact Linda Heyse-Highland to learn how we can help find solutions for your recognition program's needs. 708.478.8222 x225 or

Incentive Research Foundation Identifies Trends In Recognition Programs
In its newest research paper, "Motivating Today’s Workforce: The Future of Incentive and Recognition Program Design", the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) has identified key trends that are emerging in state-of-the-art incentives and recognition programs to motivate today’s work force.

"One of the most significant findings uncovered in this study is that companies that plan to implement programs need to carefully consider the impact of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in an organization’s total rewards strategy to determine the appropriateness each has to workers in different jobs," says IRF President Melissa Van Dyke. "As workforce composition shifts to more knowledge workers, we find rewards that celebrate the mastery of a skill and the personal innovations exhibited along the way are an effective way to promote worker creativity and share best practices."

The paper makes a number of recommendations for incentive and reward program designers including:
  • Clearly articulating what the program is trying to achieve
  • Thinking about the program context
  • Exploring unintended consequences and potential adverse effects
  • Balancing the program with existing key performance drivers
  • Integrating communications, assuring well-planned implementation and executing ongoing refinement opportunities
  • Building in metrics and ROI measures from the beginning
"This study underscores that incentive design personalization is key and that a highly segmented approach based on job code, skills, previous performance or other variables should be considered when setting objectives that are relevant and in step with the way the employee sees his/her contribution to the organization," says Jeff Broudy, chairman of the IRF board of trustees.

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Source: PPB Magazine, March 2011

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