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"Linda is an expert in motivational/incentive B2B marketing. She has helped our business grow through her insightful observations and recommendations. Linda implements best management and customer service practices with her company to provide successful solutions for her customers. I can highly recommend Linda and her customer-focused team."
W. Denny, Walt Denny Inc.
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Perfect for fall! Put your logo on these foil packets of Instant Apple Cider and your customers will thank you when there's a chill in the air.
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Show Your Customers You Care

A recent survey asked people why they stop doing business with a company. Sixty-eight percent said they left because of the indifference by the organization they were doing business with. How much money are you losing because of indifference by your employees? Or a better question, how many customers or how much money can you afford to lose in these competitive times?

Since little details can make a difference in customer service, we are sharing three "common-sense" customer-service techniques that will grow your customer base.

1. Implement a "common-sense" customer service policy from the top down.
Develop a mission statement that clearly explains how to treat customers, how customers should feel dealing with your organization, and what the organization will do to guarantee an enjoyable experience for the customer. Involve employees in the defining process to come up with ideas, challenges to the mission, and what they will do to guarantee success of the mission.

2. Support your mission with effective training.
Provide ongoing training so that "common-sense" customer service becomes a part of the mission statement and your organization gives the customer an outstanding customer experience. Also discuss the mission statement at staff and employee meetings and coachings. If you have the option, videotape your employees interacting with your customers, so they can see as well.

3. Motivate for more of the same.
Make every effort to catch your employees or co-workers doing something good. This means at the earliest moment you see or hear about anyone in your organization, make sure you reward or acknowledge him or her for their efforts ... preferably in public. This could be a"great job" sticker, a discount coupon to a restaurant or store or a simple "thank-you for a job well done." Remember, the key is to reward individuals as soon as possible after the action you want to see.

These are three "common-sense" customer service ideas that you can implement today to increase customer satisfaction, enhance customer relationships and keep your customers coming back.

Source: Promotional Consultant Today and Ed Sykes, a professional speaker published in the areas of leadership, change management, customer service and teamwork. Ed works with business and government organizations who want to reach the next level of success and individuals who want to perform at their best.

Fall Promotions
Food Gifts
The fall season is abundant with opportunities to make your customers aware of the benefits of doing business with you.

Consider a food product, like maple syrup or nuts, accompanied by a note that says, "Let us give you a taste of great service this fall".

Give us a call at 708.478.8222 or send us an email and we'll plan a campaign that has clients thinking of you this month!

Linda, Jennifer and the LinJen Team