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"Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people - your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way."
Barbara Bush
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"Linda is a high energy individual who brings a positive outlook and creative concepts together to provide great ideas for addressing business goals. Whether the goal is internal team motivation or customer related, she brings expertise to deliver successful incentive or behavior reinforcement programs."
A. Bratton, Lextech Global Services
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Did you know that the first Friday in March is "Employee Appreciation Day"? Created in 1995, this day is a way of focusing the attention of all employers in all industries on employee recognition.

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Getting Along

Any time you start a new position, like I recently did, it's an opportunity to start fresh with new opportunities and new relationships. Whether you're meeting new peers or want to improve relationships with existing peers, follow these top-five characteristics for effective work relationships as shared by blogger Regis Hadiaris.

1. Proactive and "connecting-the-dots" communication is commonplace.
Do you let your peers know proactively about project developments that may impact them? Do you look for ideas for your peers when reading the newspaper or watching TV? Do you "see" new ideas and things your peers might think are valuable? It's amazing what you can find when you focus on helping your peers. And it's even more amazing at what will come back to you when you help them out. Just showing that you're looking for the interests of those around you is a powerful technique to more effective relationships.

2. Trust (at a personal level) in each other.
Trust is way more than sitting in meetings or on calls and talking in cubicles. Trust is about having faith in those around you and cultivating relationships with them at every opportunity, especially through breakfasts, lunches or dinners. The single best thing you can do to improve a relationship with someone is to take them out for a meal and ask "What can I do to help you?" and then do it.

3. Collective responsibility.
If you have trust in each other, you can share responsibility when times (inevitably) get tough. When a problem occurs, do you jump in together and solve it, and then figure out why it happened? That is the true test of the effectiveness of your work relationships.

4. A focus on process.
Everyone likes to be successful. But jointly coming up with repeatable ways to have your peers and project teams succeed is an even better goal. If you show others you care about them, especially through creating processes that support them, you will earn their trust. If you involved them in this process, you get new perspectives, new approaches and even better ways to collaborate.

5. Pride and caring in what you do.
The most effective work relationships are also built on a foundation of shared pride in the work being completed. If you're not proud of it, why do it? Put your "collective stamp" on everything you do together, and your relationships will grow.

Now, for your next assignment: practice these tactics with several colleagues and report back to LinJen!

Source: Promotional Consultant Today and Regis Hadiaris, an award-winning internet marketer and experienced leader known for unconventional ideas and impressive results. He has 15 years of experience leading hundreds of successful internet marketing programs and teams for the financial, education, retail (e-commerce), automotive, tourism and consumer products industries.

NEW! Docking Station

Docking Station Keep phones & PDAs safely away from spilled drinks. This handy docking station easily folds for travel, features a super gloss surface that easily wipes clean and is MADE IN THE USA! Great for video conferencing or watching movies. Keeps ear buds safe from spills, too.

This is a great product for many industries. Two examples are:

• Financial Institutions: Print full color graphics and a QR code. As your customer sits at their desk and is about to place their PDA on the docking station, they view the printed artwork "Scan the code below to view todays rates" The customer will scan the bar code, check their rates or visit a special offers page. QR codes are extremely easy to create and takes only seconds.

• Resturant / Bars: You see more and more parents bringing their PDA's and leaning them up against the cup for their restless children to enjoy a quick movie in an effort to find a few moments to take a deep breath. A full color resturant logo with nice food dishes printed on the PDA holder would be a beautiful take home piece. Remember this unsnaps for easy traveling. Also print a QR code which could point back to the resturants online menu. When the docking station is set up at home the full color resturant images will be a daily reminder to everyone in the household. Imagine the docking station also set up at the office. A great way to remind people in the office where to go for lunch!

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Linda, Jennifer and the LinJen Team