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"Linda's experience in the field of promotional products and safety is remarkable. If you want to motivate your sales force or if you want to promote safety in the workplace, Linda has the creative resources to uniquely design a progam for you that will achieve maximum results. I highly recommend Linda and the entire LinJen company for any of your promotional product needs."
M. Rosenberg, Impact Marketing Group, Ltd.
It's been said ...
"Open the door to safety: awareness is the key! "
Author Unknown
Safety Incentive
Emergency Radio Phone Charger
Emergency Radio Phone Charger
Features: fluorescent light, flashlight, hand-powered dynamo, emergency charger for Motorola TM, Nokia TM, and Samsung TM cell phones, AM/FM radio.
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Safety Programs: No Time to Plan?
We can help!
We know the importance of safety in the workplace but who has the time or expertise to come up with new, engaging, successful safety programs?

LinJen has created safety awareness and recognition programs for over twenty years. We customize Safety Campaigns that effectively strengthen and encourage safe work behaviors in your employees. Take a look at some of these ideas:
  • Points Programs - Encourage employee safety engagement by rewarding safe behaviors. We can create a "Gift Of Choice" website for your safety rewards.
  • "Thata Boy" Rewards - These rewards can have both your logo and the Award Campaign name on it and could be handed out as recognition for good safety performance. We can select items such as: t-shirts, hats, lunch coolers, thermal cups, etc.
  • Safety Visibility - Let safety be seen on the job. In addition to rewarded products, we can put safety slogans and messages on: hard hat decals, equipment & bumper stickers, floor graphics, post it notes and scratch pads, pens, banners, posters and more.
  • Safety Calendars - For safety at home & work and great employee participation.

Study shows Work-Life Balance Connection to Safety
The College of Public Health at the University of Georgia recently posted this article titled, "Perception, work-life balance key factors in workplace safety, says UGA study":

Six thousand workers die on the job in the U.S. each year, and millions more are injured. According to a recent University of Georgia study, a worker's perception of safety in the workplace and the work-life balance established by businesses has a significant effect on on-the-job injury.

"We’ve known for some time that certain occupations are more dangerous than others due to a variety of physical and other hazards," said Dave DeJoy, UGA professor of health promotion and behavior. "But in the last 20 years, there has been growing evidence that management and organizational factors also play a critical role. That is, actions taken or not taken at the organizational level can either set the stage for injuries or help prevent them."

DeJoy and Todd Smith, a recent graduate of the Health Promotion and Behavior doctoral program in the UGA College of Public Health, authored one of the first studies to examine U.S. safety climate perceptions among a diverse sample of occupations and worker groups—from offices to factories—and to highlight the factors linked to injury. The results were published online in January and will be in the March issue of the Journal of Safety Research.

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