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Linda Heyse-Highland and Jennifer Savor, Founders of LinJen Promotions
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"Linda's positive attitude, creativity and thoughtfulness are brought to every opportunity she works on and I would highly recommend her services."
KC Christensen, Aaron Kendell Packaging Equipment LLC
It's been said ...
"The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense."
Author Unknown
February is American Heart Month
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Plan for Safety in 2012
Safety Crew
Do you need to change your safety culture?

How safety engaged are your employees and supervisors, or is it just your job?

Running out of "fresh" ideas to keep safety top of mind?

Are your employees trained in safety but still performing unsafely?

Let LinJen help you create Safety Programs that will: Safety Helmet
  • promote safe work behaviors
  • freshen your safety approach
  • engage your supervisors and employees into safety
  • strengthen your safety culture

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Looking forward to helping you stay safe,
Linda Heyse-Highland
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