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What To Do When The Phone Stops Ringing

When sales start idling, the silence can be deafening. Salespeople know whatís going on as they sit day after day filing catalogs, sending e-mails and calling clients who really donít need to hear from them. It is time to wake up and start doing something about your sales. Here are some steps to make that phone start ringing again.

1. Clean house
Organize your desk and office. Move all past order files to a cabinet thatís out of sight. Go through your database and expel all the clutter. Toss or file all quotes, letters, art files, DST files and old order forms. If the quote is not dated within the past 14 days, forget it.

Your contact management system should get the deepest cleaning. Salespeople tend to hold on to prospects and clients. The truth is, only 20 percent of the names in your contact database give you business. Dump the remaining 80 percent.

Ask yourself: Who gives me the most sales without the headaches? These are your clients. Scared yet? Don't be, because after a maximum of two days cleaning house your sales life can begin.

2. Put your pretty face in front of the customer
Many years ago, I was in that fearful position where I did everything but go see prospects. I felt I had nothing to offer and I was afraid of rejection. A sales manager looked at me and said, "You have nothing to fear, so go put your pretty face in front of them." He also told me that "100 percent of nothing is zero," which brought it all home for me. I was not getting sales because I wasn't even stepping up in the batter's box.

So now that your office is clean and your client base is stripped down to its true size, you are free to get rejected. Go to networking functions, walk into the big building with the scary guards, ask your seatmates on the plane what they do, network your true clients for references.

Sales business is predicated on a law of averages and consistency. If you visit 100 people, you will get work. If you visit 1,000 people, you will get 10 times the amount of work that 100 people will give you. The trick is to always set the appointment because your potential doesn't have to stop at 1,000. Your time is limited, and the more you feed your business with relationship building, the more work you will get.

3. Some will, some won't ... so what's next?
For every person who does'ít buy from you, there are a million who may. If we stay frozen because someone says no, then we will never hear that phone ring. Take the "no" or the "I-already-have-someone" response in stride because it frees you to find those other million possible clients.

4. Learn to say no.
There will be projects you know will suck hours out of your day, and if they donít measure up to the reward of high volume then pass on those opportunities. Put a value to your hours and measure every opportunity to that number.

For example, if you want to make $100,000 a year, break that goal into its basic form of dollars per hour. Fifty-two weeks in a year with a 40-hour work week and two weeks of vacation comes to 2,000 hours. Now, $100,000 dollars divided by 2,000 hours equals $50 per hour. Next, look at the time it takes to win a project: the phone calls, the meeting time, the research, the samples, the back and forth. If it took you 10 hours to get that project, you better clear $500 in profit to make it worthwhile. Sidestepping bad deals or headache-making clients will establish you as a professional who is focused on bringing real value to your client base.

5. Delegation is an art form.
Sales reps have a tendency to babysit orders no matter what size or overall strategic value they represent. Trust your suppliers, your proofing systems and the people who are experts in getting the job done for you.

6. Rinse and repeat.
The sales process doesnít end just because youíve finished a cycle. Every day there is an order for you to win, but if you are still admiring the last one you will miss the opportunity.

SOURCE: Promotional Consultant Today and Jonathon Tennant, MAS, global account manager for distributor Cintas Branded Apparel and Promotional Products.

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