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How To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Forgotten items at the store. Drawing a blank on names. Not recalling where you put your keys. Everyone experiences lapses in memory from time to time, especially after 40.

This month, we share some quick and easy tips to help with mind lapses, as posted by ABC News from Prevention magazine's "7 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp."

Have fish for dinner once a week.
People who eat fish, particularly cold-water varieties such as cod, salmon and tuna, have a 60-percent less chance of developing Alzheimer's Disease, according to research. The reason is DHA, a fatty acid found in the brain and in fish.

Take a daily brain game break.
Mental challenges on a regular basis reduce the risk of age-related memory loss. Games such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles are great ways to get the mental exercise you need.

Don't skip family gatherings.
Experts now believe that regular socializing helps build mental reserves and reduces cortisol, a destructive stress hormone.

Make your workouts brain-boosting.
Regular exercise pumps blood to the brain, bringing oxygen and nutrients necessary for brain function and strengthening blood vessels.

Hold on to your happiest moments.
One study showed that people who regularly experienced positive emotions were 60 percent less likely to develop moderate cognitive impairment.

Don't sweat what you forget.
Information overload can fill our brains with useless information we don't need to remember. The faster we let go of the useless facts, the better we can remember what we need to.

Take a nap, even a short one.
Research tested people who stayed awake for the entire hour of a test along with those who slept for six minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Those who slept did better than those who didn't, but the six-minute nappers did as well as those who took longer naps.

Try these tips today and you'll remember your next sales call ... or where you placed your car keys!

Source: Promotional Consultant Today and the editors of Prevention magazine, the source for authoritative information, breaking news and energizing lifestyle advice for a happier, healthier, stronger life tomorrow and beyond. Prevention covers health, beauty, fitness and nutrition advice that makes women more inspired and confident.

To A Tee!
Welcome spring and the return of the golf season with one of these enticing golf products.
Divot FixerEasy Fix
This European golf sensation is now in America for the first time! The Pitchfix is made of smooth, soft rubberized coating over a metal base and comes in 12 different color combinations. Includes a custom four color process and magnetized ball marker.
Putting GreenFun Sized
Mini putting green and flag are imprintable with your logo and can be mailed flat in a 9x12 bubble envelope. Great as a golf outing invitation or as a whimsical gift for golf enthusiasts.
CigarsFor the 19th Hole
Create a lasting impression with our custom imprinted cigar tubes and hang tags. This premium, handmade, Dominican Republic cigar, is enhanced with Bourbon and protectively sealed in trademark glass tube to ensure freshness.
Golf Water BottleSip in Style
24 oz. reusable BPA-Free golf ball-shaped water bottle made of lightweight easy-to-fold plastic that means bottle can be collapsed flat and easily stored away when empty and stands like any other bottle when full.

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Linda, Jennifer and the LinJen Team