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"Encouraged people achieve the best; dominated people achieve second best; neglected people achieve the least."
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"Your design team did an outstanding job creating our Pyramid Awards! I will be proud to present these to our more than deserving employees!"
L. Gaddis, Marquette Bank
Recognition Case Study
Sport Duffel
PRODUCT USE: Employee Recognition
PROMOTION: The rugged and durable Sport Duffel was chosen by an agricultural company as one of five reward gifts available for employees who completed a wellness program. The duffel proved to be a popular gift selection because of its practical design and feature-rich extras including front mesh pockets, a removable/adjustable shoulder strap and spacious front pocket.
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10 Steps To a Successful Recognition Program

You have challenges and goals. Maybe you want to reinforce good behavior or instill it. Maybe you need to increase sales, acquire new accounts or revive inactive ones. Whatever your challenge, LinJen can help you find unique solutions. How? By engaging your employees and customers, communicating to them and motivating their efforts we can accomplish those goals.

Here are 10 Steps To a Successful Recognition Program:
  1. Program Objective: The program should be consistent with the company's values, principles, and objectives for improving productivity and performance.
  2. Program Theme: Recognition is fun. Theme ideas are endless!
  3. Award Period: Whatever your time period, keep the program visible with regular updates and benchmarks, even mid-period awards.
  4. Recognition Categories: Clear and definitive boundaries must be set, with criteria above and beyond what is normally expected from employees.
  5. Eligible Participants: All employees related to that department, goal, etc. must be eligible.
  6. Program Qualifications: A recognition program must provide equal treatment for equal accomplishments.
  7. Presentation: Recognition and rewards must be timely to the achievement. Acknowledge actions as soon as possible. Generally, public commendation is better than private.
  8. Budget: When performance goals are met, the increased sales, profit, or cost savings to the company will far exceed the cost of a recognition program.
  9. Awards: Recognition is not compensation! Studies repeatedly show that employees rank recognition for accomplishments higher than money.
  10. Cost Analysis: A well-structured recognition program virtually pays for itself due to increased profits, cost savings, and employee morale that results from meeting program goals.

Think Recognition
      ... to identify, acknowledge, and give favorable notice

Think Incentive
      ... to rouse, motivate, and enhance performance

The Benefits of Custom-Designed Awards
Custom designed awards reflect the image of an organization in ways that retail merchandise cannot.
Custom Award
  • They can display meaningful and inspirational symbols to the people involved in a particular program
  • They are immediately identifiable by peers, thus reinforcing their value as builders of self-esteem and motivation.
  • They cannot be purchased outside the organization, therefore, they must be earned.
  • They are designed to be highly personalized; not only with the recipient's name, but the name of the program and details of the accomplishment.

Contact us to learn how we can help find solutions for your recogntion program needs. Give us a call at 708.478.8222 or send us an email. Remember ... we're here to help!

Linda, Jennifer and the LinJen Team